‘Bright Lights’ solo show at Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

I’m excited to announce my next solo show ‘Bright Lights’ that will be held at Backwoods Gallery in Melboune this August. It’s been a long time since i’ve shown work in Melbourne so i’m excited to show everyone this collection.

Opening night 6-10pm, Friday 1st of August, 2014
On Display until Sunday 10th of August, 2014

Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey Street
Collingwood, Victoria

Having not exhibited in Melbourne for over a decade, Numskull’s long awaited return also marks his first showing with Backwoods Gallery. Bright Lights is a series of paintings and sculptures that continue on from his recent residency at the Museums Quartier in Vienna where he celebrated our memories of popular comic book characters by reinterpreting them as a collection of museum busts.

Much like the works from Vienna, where the compositional arrangements of objects partially masked the identity of the characters, this new suite aims to subjugate the obvious. In Bright Lights, the immediately recognizable figures have disappeared. In their place are silhouettes of headless beings devoid of any distinctive personality, anonymous and statuesque. Their bodies are jolted by the blows of arrows piercing their skin as they float amongst a wreckage of irregular patterned objects.

For more information visit the website here.
For a preview catalogue email sales@backwoodsgallery.com

Numskull Flyer

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